VSV Sipke Wynia is looking for a new board!


Have you always wanted to be part of a part-time board, working in a great team for a year?

Have the responsibility over an organisation with almost 500 members? Organise great events for

the members and getting into contact with a lot of companies and people from all over the field?

An opportunity that will broaden your horizon, and will at the same time be the perfect way to learn

how to be ‘’at the controls’’ of such an organisation.


Are you the perfect person for this? Then this is the opportunity for you!

For the 51 st board we are looking for people that want to have all this and take part in this journey.

We are looking for a president, secretary, treasurer, vice-president as well as a commissioner

International and a commissioner Events. For more information of what each function consists of

please scroll down.


Besides what is mentioned below as the tasks each function specifically has, you will also join one of

the great committees our association has. You will cooperate with these committees, but then from

a boards point of view.


Are you interested in joining the 51 st board of VSV Sipke Wynia? You can apply by sending us an email

to 51@sipkewynia.nl before the 10 th of April. Please also mention in your mail which function(s) you

are interested in. If there are any questions you can of course always come by the office!


Job descriptions




As the president of VSV Sipke Wynia you will be at the head of the entire association. Together with

the rest of the board you will be in charge of everything that is happening around Sipke and you as

the president will oversee everything. That you have the entire overview. You will be the end

responsible of the entire association.


Of course, the president will lead the meetings and prepare the agenda for these meeting. That is

one of your main tasks. But what is also part of the job, is that you will also be in very close contact

with Inholland as well as with all the companies, associations and people within the network that

Sipke has. Often these contacts are people with years and years of experience in the field of

aeronautics. You can extend and improve these networks, and at the same time visit very interesting

companies. The people from the field will get to know you, too!


Together with the VP you will, because you already are in close contact with the work field, you have

the exciting task to organise study related excursions to companies. You are the middle man

between student and company and you are the one that will make it possible for students to get to

know a Fokker or an NLR. In a certain way, you are giving them the opportunity to determine their

future, but most of all help to orientate what companies are active in the field currently and make

them enthusiastic on what these companies do. Seeing a student enjoy the excursion and

appreciates you’re doing this for him/her is something that gives tons of satisfaction!




After being the secretary of the association for a year, it is time to hand it over to the new generation

of enthusiastic students. For this new person, it is important to know what kind of tasks the secretary

is responsible for. In general, the secretary will control the documentation of the whole association.

This result in that he/she will administer the members and take care of the registration of new

members. It could sound maybe a bit boring. In fact, it is not boring at all. Because the secretary keep

track of all the documents, he will be 95% up to date on what is going on. This is the reason why the

secretary is the second highest function in the board (only the president is more important).

Of course, documentation is not everything a secretary should do. In a board, it is also important to

help realise the idea’s the rest of the board stated. Working in a team on the idea’s will lead to a

successful year. Other way around the rest will help you, when you come up with an interesting idea.




As treasurer, you will be taking care of the financial part of the association. At the beginning of the

year you will compose the budget, estimating all expenses over the upcoming events. Throughout

the year, you will keep track of the income and expenses and make predictions of the upcoming

expenses, so that you can decide whether there is money available for a little extra for your

members during an event. Of course neatly processing it into the accountancy. You will constantly be

monitoring the plans of committees and decide whether their budgets are feasible or not. In

cooperation with the president and VP you will be looking for sponsors and manage the evaluation

conversations with companies to give the association just that little bit extra.


At the end of the year you will compose the account, giving everyone the financial overview of

events. In these stages, you will cooperate with the audit committee very closely, consulting about

ways to improve, giving status updates and bringing your year to a financial healthy end.



Vice president


Last year there was not a vice president in the board, that is why the secretary and internal affairs

took over all the tasks that the VP used to have. One of them is keeping track of the external

contacts. The secretary was on average 1,5 days a week away from Inholland. That’s why the 50 th

board decided that next year there should be a vice president. The vice president will be in charge of

the book sale next year. Since this task takes more time in the beginning of the year, it is easy to

combine with external contacts.


Besides the tasks mentioned above, the vice president also will be the (temporary) replacement of

the president when he is not available. This resulted that the vice-president sometimes need to give

speeches and/or chair the meetings. Other tasks of the president can be found in the chapter written

by the president.



Commissioner International:


The main purpose of this function is ensuring the integration and well-being of our international

members. Following tasks/events are recommended:




Starting for the year 2016-2017 the IA was admin of a facebook group for all(!) students of the

English stream. Even if the people do not intend to join our association in the end.

It is recommended to inform all students prior their arrival about this specific group. For example

within the information mails for the Introduction Day/Weekend.


Shuttle-service from Schiphol Airport:


Each year the majority of international students studying at Aeronautical Engineering at Inholland

Delft will arrive at Schiphol Airport. Even though the Shuttle-Service is provided by Inholland itself it

was clearly visible that picking them up is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with possible new


It is not necessary for the commissioner International to offer his labour to the international office of

Inholland. However, it is strongly recommended.


Introduction Day/Weekend:


Followed by the Shuttle-Service before the actual start of the year an introduction weekend is hosted

by our association. Traditionally this includes a small coffee and tea session at a local café. During this

occasion the association will be introduced (maybe with a small presentation, picture or someone

forced to give a speech). The rest of day shall be spend in the city centre to give the new students the

opportunity to create a picture of the place they choose to live. In the past, we usually had a

common BBQ somewhere and went on a pub crawl.

Keep in mind that this is the first impression the students are going to have so better prepare a nice



Throughout the year:


Most of the tasks are done after the 3rd or 4th week of the first term. Nevertheless, throughout the

year the main concern of the commissioner International is the integration of foreign members. It is

a vague description but it is kind of a dynamic process. During the meetings he’s obligated to

evaluate each and every decision of the board from an international point of view, if it is within the

interest or not. Obviously, he shall do his very best to improve anything which is not 100% suitable

for non-Dutch speaking members.

As the majority of workload is finished within the first term he is perfectly suitable to help out other

board members with their tasks. The foreign excursion for example. During events he needs to be

present as he is the first person international students will talk to.

Keep in mind, the commissioner International needs to be known to as many international students

as possible!



Commissioner Events


The function as commissioner Event gives you the responsibility over affairs like the promotion

(creating flyers and posters for instance). Furthermore, you are the commissioner of the

Bar/Activities Committee and you are busy with preparing and managing the drinks and extra

activities. You are responsible for those beautiful moments with the association that everyone will

remember. You are also responsible for maintaining the contacts with companies involved in your

function like Gulpener, the wholesalers and many more. Besides this, you are of great help to the

other board members by helping them with the various other tasks.