America Tour 2018

America Tour 2018

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Bij Seattle Seattle, Washington, Verenigde Staten

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After the successful editions of previous years, the destinations of the America Tour 2018 will go to:

·        Seattle

·        Miami

·        Orlando


As soon as the exact dates are known, you will be informed. What can be mentioned already are the approximate dates. These will be around 28th of April – 4th of May 2018. Some extra days will be taken into the schedule to ensure we will have an awesome trip. The tour will last 12 to 14 days in total. Furthermore, during the America Tour several companies will be visited. In the list of possible companies you can include:

·        Boeing

·        Piper

·        Embraer

·        Sikorsky

·        NASA, Kennedy Space Centre


Of course, there is a price tag for this trip. The total participants price for the America Tour is €1250,-. This price includes flights, accommodation and transport.
Registration for the America Tour is possible till Monday 29th of May. Keep in mind that only currently second and higher year students are allowed to take part in the trip to the United States. Since we’re still 1 year away from this trip, we clearly would like to state that nothing is for sure yet. We therefore reserve the right of making any necessary changes to the trip.  

For further questions, please let us know! You can send an e-mail to: Or you can speak to one of the America Tour committee members.

We’re looking forward to your enrollment!

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