The Symposium of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia
On the 18th of May, the symposium of Sipke Wynia will be held at Inholland Rotterdam.
The day will be all about innovation. Innovation is always ongoing and thrives technology forward. Innovation not only in the field of aeronautical engineering, but also in other fields of engineering.
During this symposium, we will invite people from various companies to bring us along about the interesting topics they are working on. Please visit the event page on Facebook ( or this website for more information. In the upcoming weeks, we will reveal more information on the speakers of the day.
Tickets to the event can be bought here on this page. Student tickets cost €10, non-student tickets cost €20. Click on this link if you want to continue to enrol for the symposium.
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From Till   Speaker Company
09:00 09:30 Walk in    
09:30 09:35 Opening Chairman: Bram Arts
Sipke Wynia
09:45 09:55 Introduction Chairman of the symposium: Peter Batenburg NVR / APP BV
09:55 10:00 Word of Welcome
Chairman board of directors: Jet de Ranitz
10:00 10:45   Patrique Zaman AVY
10:45 11:30   Masud Petronia TUI fly
11:30 12:00 Coffee break    
12:00 12:45   Pieter van der beek & Fabian Peek Ricardo Rail
12:45 13:30   Maneesh Kumar Verma TU Delft
13:30 14:45 Lunch    
14:45 15:30   Erik Buijs & Charles de Jong NS
15:30 16:00   Martijn Seijger ESA BIC
16:00 16:15 Signing MoU On behalf of the NVR: Len van der Wal NVR
16:15 16:30 Evaluation Chairman of the symposium: Peter Batenburg  
16:30 16:45 Closure Chairman of the symposium committee: Jeroen van Dongen Sipke Wynia
16:45 17:45 Drink    


The chairman of the symposium 2017:

Peter Batenburg will be the symposium chairman.
After finishing his study at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the TU Delft, Peter worked at
Airbus Defence & Space in Bremen for the International Space Station Programme for 6 years as
Engineering Flight Controller followed by Mission Integration Management. After working for the
ISS programme, he became a consultant for ADSE in the aerospace and mobility market before he
recently started as project manager for Aerospace Propulsion Products (APP bv).
Peter has a life long enthusiasm and interest for aerospace and mobility but above all spaceflight.
Besides turning this into a career, he is also active in national and international space societies
among which the Dutch Space Society "NVR", organising partner of the symposium.


Here is the information about the speakers:

One of the speakers at the symposium is Patrique Zaman from Avy.
Patrique is a Dutch entrepreneur that founded a series of ventures in tech, web and education.
His latest venture is a start-up with the goal to revolutionize aviation by developing an
autonomous electric aircraft.
They are currently working on an unmanned version for humanitarian aid.
Check for more information.




The next speaker at the symposium to announce is Maneesh Kumar Verma. He is the current Operations Manager and Lead Structural Engineer for Project Aether in Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE). He was also part of the Stratos II and Stratos II+ team as the Capsule Team Manager, which briefly held the European Altitude Record (21.5 km) in 2015.
In 2014, he became the 14th President of DARE and then went on to be in the society’s supervisory board. He also played a vital role in establishing the DARE Commission of Education and
Capsule & Recovery Team.

Having background in space sector through DARE and his academics, he got involved with space rovers and along with Dr. Chris Verhoeven established the Zebro Project, a six-legged rover in 2013 and headed it until 2015. Currently Zebro Project gone on to be one of the most onslaught project

in TU Delft Robotics Institute with over 60 students working at any given time from three
universities: TU Delft, Hogeschool Rotterdam and De Haagse Hogeschool.

After spending the last 5 years in space related projects, he got interested in making nanosatellites and recently helped ISRO, with his fellow colleagues; launch their first nanosatellites (INS series) during the historic launch of 104 satellites successfully into the orbit.
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Martijn Seijger graduated in 1998 in financial business economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.
"The first 10 years of my career I have worked for several financial (banking) institutions. Since 2009 I am involved in various ventures (as managing partner) across different industries. As a result my network is quite large (international) across different business sectors.
Since 2012 I am primarily dedicated to the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk BV, a start-up hub in Noordwijk, closely collaborating with the European Space Agency (ESA). My main responsibility is the ESA BIC Noordwijk program.
This program is a joint effort of the European Space Agency (ESA), the Netherlands Space Office and in collaboration with local business- and knowledge partners. This program is open for companies who utilise space technologies for the non-space benefit (technology transfer). In this program high tech start-ups are offered business, technical and financial support, access to an international network of business incubators, Universities and Venture Capital Funds. To create awareness what the space domain can offer we (co) organise various competitions and events.
The ESA BIC program enables entrepreneurs to grow their business."
Check for more information.


Ricardo Rail
"We are a global consultancy providing technical expertise, assurance and specialist engineering services to help clients navigate the rail industry's operational, commercial and regulatory demands.
With capabilities in all disciplines, from rolling stock, signalling and telecommunications, to energy efficiency, safety management and operational planning, we support a client portfolio that extends across every aspect of the global industry and includes local and national operators, manufacturers, maintenance companies, infrastructure managers, investors and regulators.
In each and every case, they share the same global challenges of continually raising standards and performance levels; yet they are also organizations for which mistakes or shortfalls in quality can have punishing financial and reputational consequences, with direct impacts on surrounding communities.
With over 500 rail specialists based across the world, and a deep understanding of the industry's critical and complex technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients meet the needs of the communities they serve.
Furthermore, as part of the Ricardo group, we also provide direct access to the innovation and products that Ricardo has brought to fields such as high-performance vehicles, motorsport and clean energy generation, over many years."
For more information: &

or contact:
Fabian Peek
Corporate Recruiter Ricardo Rail
Mobile: +31 (0)6 45328411


Charles de Jong, team leader “CEP” (hull, exterior and pneumatics) within the department of engineering of NS Refurbishment & Overhaul in Haarlem. As team leader, he is the responsible for the development of changes to the hulls of trains and the pneumatic systems, like the braking system and the doors. Also, conservation of trains (painting- and foil systems) is part of the Engineering department and is the responsibility of CEP.
After his study of aeronautical engineering Charles worked at KLM till last year. Within KLM he had various positions, on project management side as well as a manager, mainly within the engineering and Fleet services departments.

Erik Buijs, team leader systems and cable support within the department of engineering of NS refurbishment and overhaul in Haarlem. Erik is responsible for the development of technical modifications to climate- and toilet systems and for the integration of cabling onboard NS trains.
As a senior engineer, in the past he had the end responsibility for technology, acceptance and setting requirements for technical modifications to NS rolling stock. This included OBIS (internet and travel information onboard), CCTV, cabling and the integration of new line breakers.
Previously he worked at Airbus as a design engineer working on the cabling of the A380 in Hamburg and Toulouse.

Please refer to (Dutch) for more information.


Masud Petronia from TUI will be on the symposium.

"I am 30 years old and born in Curacao. After I graduated in Telematics at the Technical School in Curacao I moved to the Netherlands to proceed in Electrical Engineering at the HAN university of applied sciences. In the second year I was less excited about the curriculum and so decided to transfer to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to study Aviation Studies. During my study years I decided to focus on TUI as a future employer. Main reasons were its type of aircraft operations i.e. ad-hoc flights and not having its own hangar. These two factors result in a dynamic environment making it the perfect learning atmosphere. I did my internship and also worked within TUI Part-M Purchasing & Logistics. During the last year of the study in 2013 I did my graduation internship within the Engineering department where I joined the team as the 737 & 767 Avionic Systems Engineer short after graduation. Two years later I became the 787 engineer.

One of my hobbies is programming and data analysis.
What I like about my job with regards to my Avionics responsibilities is that the 787 brings so much opportunities to come up with ways to optimize internal processes based on data coming from the aircraft.
As an intern mentor I will attempt to give the students as much as practical information as possible in relation to their study."

We also like to proudly present you our partners:

The Dutch Aviation Group, or the DAG, is an association of companies and organisations supporting the aviation industry with their knowledge, expertise and experience on complex and current matters. The members of the Dutch Aviation Group are leading research institutes, education organisations and consultancy companies.
It's the vision of the DAG that the following is to be realized through the contribution of the DAG:
- The further connection of the stakeholders within the Aerospace sector;
- A better co-operation, recognition and attention of the governmental organizations regarding the
   Dutch Aerospace sector;
- Increase, deepen and clarify the impact of Aerospace on the Dutch economy and society
For more information, visit

Inholland University of Applied Sciences sees it as their social mission to provide students with quality. Those who study at Inholland can be assured of top-quality professional education, both in content and norms and values. The university is warm and friendly and is known for its personal touch and commitment to students.
Aeronautical Engineering (the study V.S.V. Sipke Wynia represents) is a bachelor degree programme in the broad field of the aircraft and space industry. This study is given at the Inholland faculty, in the engineering heart of Delft.
Inholland Rotterdam facilitate the study association to realise their symposium of 2017!


A major partner is the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart (NVR) / Netherlands Space Society
During the symposium the MoU with the NVR will be signed.
The NVR is the foremost platform for space professionals from or working in Holland. As an
organisation, NVR is the product of a long and rich 65 year history, and have been an advocate
and representative of the innovative space sector in the Netherlands from its inception to the strong
high-tech sector it is today.
We boast a network of over 1000 members – and counting. These range from students to space
enthusiasts to established professionals, all of whom benefit from the varied activities an NVR
membership offers. NVR organises community-building functions such as film nights, symposia,
lectures and much more. In order to offer the very best and most diverse selection of events, NVR
does so both independently and in collaboration with her 30+ corporate members. The space sector
is one that thrives on a connected base of passionate individuals, and the NVR represents that.
Apart from newsletters and the increasing outreach initiatives on social media, the main communication arm of the NVR today is the glossy magazine Ruimtevaart. Ruimtevaart has existed for almost as long as the NVR itself. It contains wide-ranging material and subject matter, written by the experienced editorial team and our enthusiastic volunteers. Although Ruimtevaart is a publication about and for the space sector, it is written for all with an appreciation for space – with or without technical knowledge.
Are you curious to find out more? You can become a member (student membership is for free) by visiting the NVR website at

The Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG) is a trade association that supports the Dutch Aerospace and Airport Development sector. The NAG’s mission is to continuously optimise the Dutch aviation industry’s ability to compete internationally.
To realise this collective ambition worldwide, the NAG supports this sector through the development of expert knowledge, advocacy, access to the national and international market, and an extensive network. Because the NAG focuses on Airport Development & Infrastructure, Aircraft Manufacturing and Aircraft Maintenance, we are able to utilise and serve the entire air transport system.
For more information about the NAG and its members, see: