V.S.V. Sipke Wynia has, next to the board, a few committees. These committees help in organizing all the activities Sipke has to offer. The committees are led by one or multiple commissioners, often older students or board members. Every year again, the committees are set up by the responsible commissioners. The committee members are from the study every year. Being a member of a committee shows your ultimate contribution to the association and also looks good on your CV. Maybe you have ambitions become a commissioner later on or maybe something even more prestigious? Being part of a committee is then a big plus.

Becoming a member of a committee is possible to register during the committee drink, which is organized every year. After that, the potential committee members are invited for a conversation. Below is an overview of the various committees and their members.

Symposium Committee

Each year V.S.V. Sipke Wynia organises a symposium for over 200 students, with a topic that is related to the study Aeronautical Engineering. On this day engineers from different companies will share their expertise with the students. Two examples of subjects are: “innovation in Motion” and “Turning Technology into Business’’. There is much to do, for organizing such a day. From organizing the catering to talking with companies for speakers for the symposium. Do you want to help us organize this day? Sign up for the symposium committee!


Steven van der Meijden

Alex de Rooij
Max Koning

Yearbook Committee

At the end of each academic year, V.S.V. Sipke Wynia publishes its own yearbook. This yearbook is a combination of professional and personal stories about all activities of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia during the past academic year. The yearbook will contain stories about excursions, parties, the AE intro day and many more of all our beautiful activities. But there is a lot more you can find in this yearbook! For example, you can find the best quotes said throughout the year. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia and the new position specially for our international students the yearbook will, for the first time, be entirely written in English!

You want to help us immortalize your year? Come by the Sipke office to take a look at a former yearbook.

Tim in het Panhuis

Renee van der Poel 

Foreign Excursion Committee

Every year V.S.V. Sipke Wynia organizes a trip to a European country. During this five day excursion, several study related companies are visited. Last couple of years, the trip was to Spain and France where we have visited e.g. General Electric, Rolls Royce and Airbus. The Foreign Excursion Committee will be working on finding the country that we will travel to and planning excursions to big companies. But that’s not the only thing that we do in this committee! You will be booking the hotel and bus trip and we will also be busy with designing the sweater that everybody will be wearing during this trip. Exited? Join the Foreign Excursion Committee.

Patrick Lamers

Chairman: Wouter Thijs 
Secretary: Jesse Poland
Damian Rijsdijk

Careerevent Committee

V.S.V. Sipke Wynia will make sure that you will be able to find that special internship or job. Because beside al your technical knowledge, you will need to know a lot more to find an internship or job. You will learn this on the Career Event. Because how do you make a professional LinkedIn page and how do you prepare yourself for a job application. Interested? Sign up for the CareerEventCommittee!

Jan Raats

Chairman: Jasper van de Mosselaer
Secretary: Daan Boonstoppel
Treasurer: Britt van de Stadt

General member: Luca Larde
General member: Mathilde Bolt

Freshmen’s Weekend Committee
In the end of the summer holiday, V.S.V. Sipke Wynia organise the Freshmen’s weekend committee. This weekend is for the new Dutch speaking students. During this weekend they learn how to live as a Luchtvaarttechnologie/Aeronautical Engineering student in Delft. The Freshmen’s weekend is the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students. This weekend is organised by the Freshmen’s weekend committee, that decide the theme, location, activities and a lot more things. Unfortunately to join the weekend in form as committee member, mentor or freshmen you need to speak Dutch.

Jan Raats

Chairman: Tino Botterop 
Secretary: Luca Larde
Treasurer: Daisy Ledeboer
General Member: Luc van Vliet


International Committee
For the first time in the history of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia an international committee is implied  for improving the integration of our international students! The idea of this committee is to organise events that are entirely in English. These events can be any activity that comes to your mind. If you feel excited to organize events for you and your fellow students, simply pass by our office and have a conversation with the commissioner about it. We are also always open for ideas of the students. Do you already have a glorious one? Is it one that your friends would join? Pass by or contact us by mail and tell us everything about it! (


Sophie Teppema

Will be added later

Photograph Committee
During the year V.S.V. Sipke Wynia organizes a lot of event. Ofcourse we want to frame these events for eternity. That’s where the Photograph Committee comes in.

Sophie Teppema

Will be added later 

Bar Committee

Unfortunately you have to speak Dutch to be in the Bar committee. For Dutch speaking student in the AE classes it is possible to be in this committee. For more information on this committee please put the website in Dutch.

Jitse Bos

Chairman: Luc Booij
Secretary: Casper Krabbenbos
Treasurer: Thomas Jansen
General Member: Michiel Geerts
General Member: Gilles Hartman
General Member: Nabeel Riaz
General Member: Petar Miljkovic

America Tour Committee
The America Tour is the most beautiful bi-yearly event of the study association! In the spring break the tour takes place with 28 contestants, both students of older years and teachers. As committee we arrange everything for the tour from A(merica) to Z(ero hard landings). Transportation, overnights, contacts with companies, planning, etcetera. All these tasks should be done by members which have the necessary experience in committees and/or the board. Per two years the composition of the committee changes.


Pjotr van Horssen
Mark Ommert
Lars Miguel Tigelaar
Jesse Pollé


Wispo Committee
During the 10th lustrum year (2017) VSV Sipke Wynia went skiing for the first time in her history. Because the week turned out in great success, we wanted it to make a bi-yearly event like the America Tour. The committee who will arrange the next Skiing trip during the spring break of 2019 will consist of.

Twan Jonkman
Marijke Meesters
Wendy Schindeler

Treasury Committee

Every (study) association wants to achieve the maximum for its members. These activities can take many ways. From an accessible drink to a more exclusive gala, and from a lecture to an excursion to the hangars of KLM or even Airbus. Obviously, there is a lot of organization in all these activities. Students will have to plan and carry out the activity themselves. Undoubtedly, it is certain that money is needed for this. Whether it comes from sponsoring, the association’s account, or from the participants, good management and transparency regarding the spending of this money is necessary. Board members and commissioners have to justify their plans and implementation to their own members. In this way, fraud and mismanagement are prevented, and all members remain involved in the association.

“The treasury committee is checking every year all financial documents and giving advice to avoid simple mistakes, safeguard Sipke’s interests and continue financial growth and health.”

Members who are enthusiastic, capable and have a critical view are desired to join this important and experienced committee.

Mark Ommert             (President)
Willem van der Linden  (Vice President)
Papijn van Perge          (Secretary)
Jan Raats                     (Committee Member)

Special thanks to the founders of this committee:

Pascal Emo
Pieter van der Beek
Falko Wassenaar

No Sense Co (previous board members)

Jos Aalbers


Unknown(counting makes no sense)