Automation and composites, a lot has changed in 10 years’ time.


In less than 10 years the composite industry and Airborne as a company have changed quite a bit. The production process was primarily done by hand, and the products were “one-off’s” or limited to very small series. With a converted CNC winding bench Airborne slowly started the mechanically production of thermoplastic tubes. Composites were already used in high quality airplane parts but in the other industries like the automotive composites were primarily used in low quality products.

Nowadays Airborne Oil & Gas has a factory in IJmuiden were 3 computer controlled production lines produce high quality composites tubes. At the facility form Airborne at the Hague, 6 robots are lined up to produce various composites parts and they are currently setting up a production line that has the capability to produce 1.4 million thermoplastic parts each year.  Boeing and Airbus both have produced a “composite” plane and in the other industries you can find both high and low quality composites in various applications.

What is the influence of these changes over the last few years for a company like airborne and it’s (technical)employees, and what is the influence on the future employees that Airborne needs to grow as a company.


Date: 11-04-2018
Time: 14:00 till 18.00
Location: Auditorium Inholland Delft
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