Dear members,

The last term of the academic year has started and the summer vacation is in sight. Unfortunately this means that we have to say goodbye to our board year of our beautiful association. This means we are looking for new board members for the upcoming 52 weeks of the association year 2018-2019.

As a board member you will be in charge of our association. This can be as a contact person for members, but also taking care of all the work behind the scenes. Hereby you can think of maintaining the member administrator, financial business of the association and guarding all the external contacts of the associations around us.

A board year consist of gaining a lot of experience and of course a lot of fun. Everyone can apply, whether you have been to all the activities or not.

You can apply until Tuesday the 8th of may 13:00. On Thursday the 19th of April the Next Gen Drink will take place from 16:00 till 18:00. During this drink a short presentation will be given about the life of different board members and more information about the different functions within the board. If you would like to apply please send your resumé, a short motivation and your 1st and 2nd choice for the function you would like to apply for to


The president is the face of the association and a point of contact for many. You will be in charge of the daily board of the association and you will be busy leading all the meetings. Also the president will take initiative, coordinates the board and will conduct other board business.

The secretary is supporting the president in all the meetings. The secretary is the writer of the board and thereby of the association. His or her task can be:

- writing letters and other documents in the name of the association
- Archiving received letters and guard transcripts of letters that have been send
- Report and write minutes of different meetings, such as a general member assembly (GMA) and board meetings. This task can be delegated to a registrar or minutes secretary
- Keeping track of the members list. Also this task her or she can delegate

The treasurer is busy with all the financial business of the association. He or she takes for example care of the budget and finding sponsorship for the association. Tasks of the treasurer are:

- Keeping track of the cash and manages the bank account
- Conduct and receive payments
- Keep record of the cashbook and the bankbook
- Writing the yearly financial report

The vice-president will be responsible for all the external contacts like KIVI, NVR, DAG, NAG and the NVvL. Also her or she will be responsible for the book sale. If the president is absent the vice-president will take over all the tasks of the president.


General Board Member
The General Board Member will take care of all the excursion during the year. He or she also will look for contacts within companies and is responsible for promotion and enrolment for all the excursions.

Bar Commissioner
The Bar Commissioner organises parties and drinks. The tasks of this commissioner can be broadened with organising separate activities like a paintball competition.

Commissioner International
The Commissioner International keeps busy to support all the international students at our association.

In addition to the functions mentioned above (except for the Bar Commissioner) you will be also a commissioner of one of the committees of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia. These are described on our website. For more information about the different committees please follow this link:


We are looking forward seeing you apply for the board!


With winged regards,


The 51st board of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia