Professors in the Theater arena: 'vliegschaamte'

NEWS - 04 MARCH 2019


Flying to the sun for thirty Euros? Shame on you?!


We fly more and more and ever longer distances. At the same time, we know that flying is bad for the environment. 'Vliegschaamte' is a new word for the double feeling that you both like to fly and you realize that you are damaging the environment by doing it. For the time being, we are not too worried about it. The number of passenger kilometers is growing 4.5 to 5% per year and we are still opting for cheap price fighters.

In this edition of Professors in the Theater Arena we address the question: can we ever fly climate-friendly - and without shame? Also: we will present you with some tough dilemmas. After all, flying also brings prosperity, happiness and cooperation with other cultures.

Speakers (please note: this is a Dutch spoken event)

Vliegen we straks in een V? Het is tijd voor de Clear Sky Revolution


Prof.dr.Henri Werij is decaan van de faculteit Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaarttechniek TU Delft. 

En hoe zit het met werkgerelateerd vliegen?


Prof.dr. Dorothea Hilhorst is hoogleraar Ontwikkelingshulp en Wederopbouw van het  International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus Universiteit.

Moderator: René M. Broeders


Professoren in de theaterarena is a collaboration between TU Delft and Theater de Veste. The programme is part of the Betabalie Delft.

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Vliegen verrijkt, maar teveel is schadelijk. Voor welke heikele dilemma’s staat u?


Dr. Udo Pesch, techniekfilosoof, faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management TU Delft

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