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Manufacturing Engineering or Production Planning

Aeronautical Engineering, Luchtvaarttechnologie, Precision Engineering


Technical internship Elekta Veenendaal

In Veenendaal, Elekta develops and produces the brachytherapy solutions and equipment. Brachytherapy is a type of “internal” radiation therapy used to treat cancer. It places radioactive sources inside the patient to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors (for example cervical cancer, prostate cancer, etc.). This allows your doctor to use a higher total dose of radiation to treat a smaller area in less time and limit damage on healthy tissue and organs. An afterloader and applicators are used for treatment/positioning the source.

Both the production planning and manufacturing engineering departments are offering an internship position upcoming winter semester. Different projects can be defined related to the following topics (among others):

Manufacturing engineering:

- Development of an (automatic) leak testing system
- Measuring tray development for new applicators
- Development of training procedures (video’s) and material for production
- Develop tooling for gluing/measuring/engraving
- Process characterization of bending

Production planning:

- Integrate automatic packaging
- Production masterdata (ERP) optimization
- Portfolio optimization
- Optimizing the new Planningsoftware (Add*One)

Elekta offers decent internship reimbursement and travel expenses (when not covered by student OV)

For a recent impression of our company, please use the following link:

For more information, please contact: Nils Scheper,, 06 532 791 75