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Treasury Committee

Treasury Committee

Every (study) association wants to achieve the maximum for its members. These activities can take many ways. From an accessible drink to a more exclusive gala, and from a lecture to an excursion to the hangars of KLM or even Airbus. Obviously, there is a lot of organization in all these activities. Students will have to plan and carry out the activity themselves. Undoubtedly, it is certain that money is needed for this. Whether it comes from sponsoring, the association’s account, or from the participants, good management and transparency about the spending of this money is necessary. Board members and commissioners must justify their plans and implementation to their own members. In this way, fraud and mismanagement are prevented, and all members stay involved in the association.

“The treasury committee is checking every year all financial documents and giving advice to avoid simple mistakes, safeguard Sipke’s interests and continue financial growth and health.”

Members who are enthusiastic, capable and have a critical view are desired to join this important and experienced committee.


With special thanks to the founders of this committee:

Pascal Emo
Pieter van der Beek
Falko Wassenaar