Careerweek Program of Wednesday

From February 20, 2019 17:00 until February 20, 2019 18:30 Save to calendar

At Inholland delft Rotterdamseweg 141, 2628 Delft, Nederland

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Subsciption for the workshop / lecture is mandatory

Dear Members,

The career week is starting soon, from the 19th until the 21st of February. 
During the Careerweek there will be multiple companies that will give workshops and lectures.

In the workshops the people from the companies will give a training that will be useful during a job application or in the business world.

During the lectures, the companies will talk about what they represent and the things they do.  
They will give information which isn’t generally known and is unique.


Program for Wednesday, February the 20th. More information about the company's can be found after the program.




17:00 – 18:30

Workshop / Lecture

Room 2-21
(Interesting for 1st year student)

Room 5-55E
Pascal Emo (Marine Adelborst)
(Interesting for 2nd, 3th and 4th years students)

Room 6-00
Esther van Eijk (Royal IHC)
(Interesting for 2nd, 3th and 4th years students)

The following company's will give a workshop / lecture:


PAL-V is a Dutch Company founded in 2001 and is currently developing a flying car. The presentation will cover:

-the history of the flying car and PAL-V
-What a gyroplane is
-the challenges of developing a craft that both drives and flies within current regulations
- A quick look at lightweight design and engineering

The presenter (David van Proosdij) studied automotive engineering at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. In his three years at PAL-V he has worked on the following systems:

- Porsche aircraft engine conversion
- Steering sytem (driving)
- Dashboard design and ergonomics
- Key ignition switch
- Rotor flight control (stick)
- Currently head  of propeller Design and certification

Furthermore David is responsible for school outreach, visiting schools and universities to tell the story and engineering behind PAL-V.

Pascal Emo (Marine Adelborst)

Dutch Only

Presentatie: Van student tot officier


Tijdens de studie op Inholland zijn er veel mogelijkheden jezelf te ontwikkelen en je kennis te verbreden. Met een beetje durf en lef, ook buiten de luchtvaartsector. In mijn verhaal als oud student zal ik ingaan op wat ik heb gedaan op Inholland, welke stages ik heb gelopen en waar ik nu werk. Zodoende jullie allen te laten zien wat er mogelijk is, te motiveren om een brede visie te creëren en de juiste 'tools' te ontwikkelen om straks van start te gaan.

Afsluitend zal ik wat vertellen over mijn huidige werkgever de Koninklijke Marine en waarom dit voor een techneut een uitdagend bedrijf is, die wat unieks biedt wat je nergens anders kan vinden.


Esther van Eijk (Royal IHC)

After graduating at Aeronautical Engineering in 2017 and working at Siemens Healthineers for five months, Esther found a job as project planner at Royal IHC through a post on LinkedIn. Now, about one year later, she would like to tell you about finding a job, working in the shipbuilding industry and her work as a project planner. She will reveal some tips and tricks about setting up a planning, defining a critical path and linking work packages to determine your project priorities. This knowledge of planning could help you with both planning Inholland projects, as well as for your future in working in any kind of project-based organization.

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