On 19 September 1966, Aeronautical Student Association (V.S.V) Sipke Wynia was founded. This means that this year is our 50th anniversary! Besides our anniversary, the education Aeronautical Engineering will celebrate its 80th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the English stream.

 The 10th Lustrum Committee is busy with the arrangement of extra lustrum events and give the standard activities a nice lustrum touch. This way we will make a real party of the year! The theme of this year is: Out of the blue!


Lustrum activities:

-          01-09-2016 – Lustrum opening party

-          01-10-2016 – Alumni day

-          Before the Christmas holydays – Gala

-          25-02-2017 / 04-03-2017 – Lustrum ski trip    subscription is now possible (click here)

-          Extra excursion(s)

-          Extra drinks

       -          The possibility to come up with ideas and organize these ideas with the Lustrum committee.  


 Formation of the 10th Lustrum Committee:

Name: Function:
Jesse Wanrooij President
Hidde van Wezel Treasurer
Martijn van Wijk Secretary
Ernst van Doorn Committee member
Inge Swart Committee member
Joost van der Wal Committee member


For questions, ideas, interest to help the committee or other remarks it is possible to mail to lustrum@sipkewynia.nl, or ask it personal to someone of the committee.