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Space Tech Expo Bremen

Space Tech Expo Bremen
Datummaandag 14 november 2022 tot donderdag 17 november 2022

Dear students of InHolland,


From the 14th till the 17th of November we will visit the Space Tech Expo in Bremen, Germany.

The Space Tech Expo is an expo where you can look at the newest technological innovations on the market. You can listen to a variety of speakers from the space department. There will be speakers from Airbus Defence and Space, EESA, Seraphim and much more. A great way to learn more about the industry and to connect with people with the same fascination for the aerospace industry!


The price for the accommodation and breakfast will be between 100-150 euro’s, lunch and dinner are excluded from these costs.


You will be leaving by bus from InHolland on the 14th of November in the morning.

The journey to and the stay in Bremen, Germany will be arranged by us.

On the 17th of November you will arrive back in Delft in the evening.


The sign up for this excursion closes on the 15th of September.

First years are unfortunately NOT allowed to join this excursion.


Sign up now on the site! (link in bio)

Pay attention: be sure to sign up separately for the symposium on the Space Tech Expo website. It’s free, but don’t forget to do this!


With winged regards,

The 56th board of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia