Careerweek Program of Thursday

Van februari 21, 2019 16:00 tot februari 21, 2019 21:30 Bewaar de kalender

Bij Inholland delft Rotterdamseweg 141, 2628 Delft, Nederland

Geplaatst door Het bestuur der V.S.V. Sipke Wynia

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Subsciption for the workshop / lecture is mandatory

Dear Members,

The career week is starting soon, from the 19th until the 21st of February. 
During the Careerweek there will be multiple companies that will give workshops and lectures.

In the workshops the people from the companies will give a training that will be useful during a job application or in the business world.

During the lectures, the companies will talk about what they represent and the things they do.  

They will give information which isn’t generally known and is unique..


Program for Tuesday, Thursday the 21st. More information about the company's can be found after the program 




16:00 – 18:00


Diner at Inholland (Eat at your own expense)

18:00 – 20:00

First workshop / lecture

Room 2-21
(Interesting for 1st, 2nd, 3th and 4th years students)

20:00 – 21:30

Networking drink

Networking possibility at the Inholland canteen


Pasta penne with fresh herbs and olive oil. Choice between vegetarian (Grilled vegetables with cream sauce) or meat (meatballs in tomato garlic sauce).

Boeing 18:30 till 19:00


Title presentation: "Flying into the future".


Speaker: Tineke Bakker – Van der Veen, Managing Director - Boeing Benelux & Nordics


Summary of presentation: Aerospace is a fast growing and developing industry, connecting people and supporting economies across the globe. During her presentation, Tineke will not only share Boeing's Commercial Market Outlook for this very global industry, but also her personal experience and tips from working more than 15 years in this industry.

WFS PRO 19:00 till 19:20

Speaker: Maurice Taks, Managing Partner WFS PRO;

Title presentation: "Study today, be ready for tomorrow"

Summary of presentation: The career opportunities for young aerospace engineers are enormous. OEM's and suppliers are in demand for young capital, who will help them in conquering the challenge of tomorrow.  As their challenges and therefore approaches/solutions are changing also the engineer of tomorrow is changing. Maurice is going to give you an insight of what your future employer will look for in you, their current onboarding processes and how to prepare, so you will to get the job.


Fokker Elmo 19:20 till 19:40

Speaker: Nico van der Aar, Lead Engineer EWIS Components & Electronics (ECE)

Title presentation: "Electrical traineeship 2019 – 2020"

Summary of the presentation: Fokker Elmo is looking for young aerospace engineer to join their team in facing tomorrows challenges. To give you a head start in becoming the next electrical wiring / system professional, they are offering a 9 months traineeship (starting September 2019). Nico will explain the content and goal of the traineeship and off coarse give you an insight in your career opportunities as an Electrical Engineer within Fokker Elmo. 


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