Career event 2020 18th of February

Van februari 18, 2020 16:00 tot februari 18, 2020 21:30 Bewaar de kalender

Bij Rotterdamseweg 141, 2628 AL Delft

Geplaatst door Het bestuur der V.S.V. Sipke Wynia

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The Career Event 

Are you ready for take-off? Visit the career event and finish your check list by attending the awesome lectures and workshops before flying of to a great career.

The Career Event is an event that takes place every year at the University of Applied Sciences Inholland. This event is mandatory for all first- and second year TOI students, all other students of TOI are welcome too. It’s an opportunity to delve into the technical business community and to improve your position through workshops and lectures. Which will be given during the 18th, 19th and 20th of February. These presentations will be given by professionals who work in the technical field. An average of 300 students will participate in the event. This year’s theme is “Pre-Flight”, which refers to the checklist pilots use before taking off. On Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays there is an opportunity to eat dinner at Inholland before the lectures and workshops start. There will be different rounds of workshops and lectures. Between rounds there will be a small 5 minute transition break in which there is an opportunity to get a cup of coffee at the canteen.


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18 February 2020 



New York Pizza 


Room: 2.21 

A balancing act 

by Alphons and Christian 

Room: 5-55E 





Room: 2.21 

Dawn Aerospace 


Room: 5-55E 




Dawn Aerospace


Dawn Aerospace builds spaceplanes to revolutionise the way satellites are launched to space. The Spaceplane will be capable to fly to altitudes of 100km and at speeds in excess of Mach 3. Dawn Aerospace was started in 2017 and currently has a staff of 25 full time engineers working on spaceplane and satellite propulsion technologies in Delft, NL and Christchurch, NZ. In Delft, Dawn Aerospace offers internship and thesis opportunities in the fields of aircraft design and construction, rocket propulsion and electronics.

A balancing act by Alphons and Christian

An entrepreneurial- and enterprise viewpoint of our careers after Delft


Two very different careers in very different environments after the same study. What do they still apply in their day to day jobs almost 27 years after graduation.


Christian Potma, co-founder and CEO of FlowMotion, takes you on his career helping business to optimize their fluid dynamics and heat transfers. With over 250 client cases across Europe ranging from Beertenders to Rigid Airships and from massive bakeries to sailplanes his company delivers high profile consultancy in moving fluids.



Alphons Evers, European director of the DataCentre and Cloud Division of NTT ltd,  shares his learnings and takeaways from his career that started at Fokker Space and moved into IT as business executive at NTT. With over 40.000 employees in 57 countries NTT ltd. serves 85+ clients of the Global Fortune 100.



Like A Boss

Many students want to have a leading rol when they ‘are grown up’. But what is a leader? What is a good or bad leader? What are the charactaristics? During the workshops students become aware of the importance of good leadership in a interactive way, where personal leadership is central. As final we will be analysing the importance of good communication.  Using the perspective of ‘breinstijle’©,(an alternative for DISC), we will see what this means for the student. What is their  communication style  and how this effects others.


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