JEC Composites 2019 13th of march

JEC Composites 2019 13th of march

Van maart 12, 2019 23:00 tot maart 13, 2019 23:00 Bewaar de kalender

Bij 251 Boulevard Pereire 75017 Parijs

Geplaatst door Het bestuur der V.S.V. Sipke Wynia

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The JEC is the biggest composites fair in Europe and will be held in  Paris this year.  V.S.V. Sipke Wynia  will attend one day of the fair. This day will be the 13th of March. The bus will leave on the 12th of March in de evening. Specific time will be announced later. The bus will drive all night long, so we will arrive in the morning of the 13th of March. Before we enter Paris, we will make a stop, to consume breakfast and to get ready for the JEC. We will be at the JEC from 0930 till 1700. After 1700 the bus will depart back to The Netherlands. We will arrive around midnight back at Inholland.

For more information read below.


JEC Group is the world’s leading company dedicated entirely to the development of information and business connection channels and platforms supporting the growth and promotion of the composite materials industry. Sharing knowledge through its media channels and its publications, including the industry’s reference magazine - JEC Composites Magazine - and organizing networking and business events such as JEC World (the foremost and world-leading international trade show dedicated to composite materials and their applications), JEC Group has forged an international reputation of expertise and has enjoyed a steady growth for more than twenty years. Involving the academic, scientific, and industrial communities, JEC Group animates an international network of more than 250,000 professionals. Inspired by the unlimited potential of composites, the JEC teams are sourcing innovations and highlighting them with global programs and competitions.

After having won over many segments of the industry, in particular, raw material producers and manufacturers, JEC Group is extending its scope of work to new segments of the value chain by actively promoting the various new applications domains of composites and demonstrating key benefits towards end-users. Wholly owned by the Centre de Promotion des Composites, a nonprofit association of key stakeholders of the industry, JEC Group systematically reinvests its profits into the creation of new services of benefit to the composite materials sector. JEC Group’s range of products and services include publications (JEC Composites Magazine, strategic studies, technical works), e-newsletters (the “JEC Composites Market News” weekly international e-letter, and the French-language “JEC Composites Information” e-letter), online platform (, annual exhibitions (JEC World in Paris, JEC Asia in South Korea), conferences, B2B Meetings and workshops organized in Europe, Asia, and North America, the JEC Startup Booster program and the highly sought after JEC Innovation Awards (Europe, Asia, North America, India, and China).

Schedule for the JEC.

2230-2330 Hour, we will gather in the Composite lab Inholland.

2345 Hour departure from Composite lab Inholland Composites location Delft, “Cornelis Drebbelweg 3, 2628 CM Delft”.

04:30 Hour, we will make a pitstop.

0800 Hour, arrival at the JEC fair

You can already grab breakfast inside the fair, it hasn’t started yet.

1000 Hour opening en beginnen  JEC.

1800 Hour departure from the JEC towards The Netherlands.

2230 Hour, we will make the last pitstop.

2400 Around hour arrive back at the Composite lab.

2300 Hour arrive back at the Composite lab.

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