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Below is the (final) program containing all activities for this year's Career Event. There are also short descriptions to give you a better idea of what each activity is about:


Monday 15.02:


14:00-16:00: (Lecture) Internship Presentations by Third-year Aeronautical Engineering students


Third-year students share their experiences of their internships. There will be multiple presentation sessions happening simultaneously in various channels within MS Teams (see the code further down). Check out the 'Internship presentation schedule' attached to this email to see which students will present and which companies they have been evolved with.


Tuesday 16.02:


18:00-19:15: (Lecture) Presentation on NLR and Drones by Jam-Willem van Doorn (NLR)


Working at NLR during a pandemic. How does it impact our daily business and what opportunities arise in this period? 


19:30-20:45: (Workshop) STEELing the Job (by Tata Steel)


Do you already have your LinkedIn and CV in order? Do you already know how to prepare for interviews? You are about to do an internship, or the end of your studies is near, and you are almost entering the labor market? During this workshop we will give you tips for preparing for job interviews. Tata Steel recruiters see many CVs and motivation letters and have many such conversations every day; this is your chance to hear from them, what they pay attention to, and how you can make sure you present yourself well. 



Wednesday 17.02:


18:00-19:15: (Lecture) When the going gets tough... by Major R.C. Streefkerk (RNLAF)


Briefing about the Major's field of work and, in a more general perspective, his perception of the key strong points an engineer has with which he/she can contribute to various challenges. Furthermore, the Major will brief the audience about what the Royal Netherlands Air Force has to offer to any young professional who is at the starting or turning point in his/her career and to touch on some of the misconceptions that surround the RNLAF's line of work. 


19:30-20:45: (Lecture) MQ-9 Reaper by Lieutenant-Colonel B.A. Roddenhof (RNLAF, 306 Squadron)


Lieutenant-Colonel Roddenhof started his career with the Royal Netherlands air Force in 1993. After completing his flight training, he flew light utility helicopters and was deployed to Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo in the late 90's. In 2003 he was trained on the AH-64D Apache, with which he was operationally deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. After a tour at the Ministry of Defense in The Hague, he joined the project team for the introduction of the MQ-9 Reaper in 2013. In 2017 he completed his Master of Strategic Studies at the Air War College in the United States and was subsequently posted at Leeuwarden Airbase as the Commander of the 306th Squadron, which will operate the MQ-9 Reaper in the near future. 


Thursday 18.02:


18:00-19:15: (Lecture) Covid 19: After the storm, there is sunlight. How to steer through the storm? by Maurice Taks (WFS PRO)


COVID-19 has an enormous impact on the current aerospace market. The numbers of flights, production rates and engineering projects have drop to an unprecedented level. Let me take you on a journey to discuss the current impact on the industry and careers of young aerospace engineers. Let’s plot a route out of the storm, because a storm mostly means damage but also opportunities when the storm has passed. 


19:30-20:45: (Workshop) Enrich Your Pitch by Maura Quite (InWork)


Standing out as a student is more important than ever due the COVID-19 situation. Presenting yourself in a unique way can increase your chances on the labor market. During this interactive workshop you will gain more knowledge about your unique profile and create a strong and powerful pitch that will help you get the job or internship you desire.


Friday 19.02:


17:30-18:15 & 18:30-19:15: Network Drink (online)


A chance to interact with professionals and ask them questions personally. Present at the network drink will be:


-Lisa Veltman – Renault Racing Team

-Maura Quite – InWork

-Major R.C. Streefkerk and Lieutenant-Colonel B.A. Roddenhof – RNLAF

-Noortje Smits and Dewi de Lange – Tata Steel

-Maurice Taks – WFS PRO

and more...



Online platforms:


Below is an overview of how to access the various platforms where Career Event activities will be held:




How to get there?

Monday 15.02. - Internship presentations

MS Teams

Code: epeiokd

Tuesday 16.02 to Thursday 18.02 (inclusive)

MS Teams

Code: 5mv00tt


Friday 19.02 - Network drink

Remo Conference

(see instructions document)


To gain access to Remo for the network drink on Friday, you must first sign up for the drink (see sign-up form further down). You will be sent an invitation via your student email in due time, and if you accept it, you will subsequently be asked to create an account for Remo. You MUST use your student email to make that account.


The platform is straightforward and user-friendly, so you should have no trouble figuring it out on your own, but in case you do, we have compiled a short document with instructions on how to set up your account and use the platform during the network drink (see 'Remo_Instructions' document).



Sign-up form:


The following link will take you to the sign-up form where you can enroll for the various activities of the Career Event:

Fill | Career Event 2021: Sign-up form

Dear students, Below you will find the program of the 2021 Career Event. Please read through it, decide which activities you would like to attend, and fill out the sign-up form. You must enroll for (and attend) AT LEAST 2 ACTIVITIES. Kind regards, The Career Event Committee ======================== Monday 15.02:   >14:00-16:00: (Lecture) 'Internship Presentations' by 3rd year Aeronautical Engineering students ======================== Tuesday 16.02:   >18:00-19:15: (Lecture) 'Presentation on NLR and Drones' by Jam-Willem van Doorn (NLR) 'Working at NLR during a pandemic. How does it impact our daily business and what opportunities arise in this period?' >19:30-20:45: (Workshop) 'STEELing the Job' by Noortje Smits and Dewi de Lange (Tata Steel) 'Do you already have your LinkedIn and CV in order? Do you already know how to prepare for interviews? You are about to do an internship or the end of your studies is near and you are almost entering the labour market? During this workshop we will give you tips for pre



We remind you that the event is mandatory for 1st and 2nd year students, and you must attend at least two activities, but it is advisable to be present at more, as it will give you more insight into career/internship opportunities and the state of the labor market in general. Furthermore, keep in mind that the guests who will talk to you have agreed to do so outside work hours, so attending their presentations is a way of showing that you value their contributions.


Make sure you have signed up for the event before the start of next week. For the duration of the event, there will be daily programs posted on Sipke's social channels, so keep an eye out for those. We hope you enjoy the 2021 Career Event!


Kind regards,

The Career Event Committee 2021

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